Craft Beer Lovers: 3 Ways You Can Make Growlers More Accessible

If House Bill 2054 makes it through the Missouri Legislature this year, you’ll be able to buy a fresh growler even if the breweries are closed. Two articles from experts on the proposed law explain the current law and the efforts to change it. Alex Wilking wrote about last year’s effort led by State Rep. Robert Cornejo, R-St. Peters and State Sen. Eric Schmitt, R-Glendale. The article in Feast Magazine , “Growler Sales in Missouri Bars Could Become Legal, Thanks to New Push”,  noted that beer lovers could only buy growlers at the brewery or at a limited number of restaurants. The article explained the bill was designed to expand the use of growlers to retailers with liquor licenses who could then add taps and establish growler “filling stations.” Craft beer aficionados could buy their beer at grocery stores, bars or even convenience stores which were licensed to sell liquor.

3539381389_a0c45eb764_oPhoto Credit: Flikr/McD22 Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom Hood River OR

Although gridlock in the legislature left the bill hanging at the end of the 2015 session, Aaron Banks, aka the MidMo Beer Guy, writes in his Growler Beer News that the bill has been reintroduced this year. Banks has been an ardent supporter of the legislation, even creating a petition in 2014 to gather signatures to push through the bill. He recently tweeted that he has continued his work and now has over 700 signatures on the petition. Banks is concerned by rumors that AnheiserBuschInBev may be sabotaging the bill by modifying it .

Here’s what you can do to make growlers easier to find:

Speaking out and spreading the word is the best way you can make this bill law. Now go and get your growlers!

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